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Sat 5 May - National Theatre

Posted on 13th May in 2007, Friendly Match Reports

National Theatre 158-5
Shoreham 159-4

After inserting National Theatre on a good track the tight bowling of Tom Palmer and James Trick (1 for 27) made it difficult for the openers of Lumsden and Singh to score. However they both grafted to score 22 each before falling to the spin of Bob Stacey (1 for 19) and Sam Trick (1 for 24). Langley (32) and Bentall (32) helped to keep the scorecard ticking over. White (16) saw the innings to the end with the visitors declaring on 159 for 4. Shoreham started well despite the early loss of Ray Trick (14) with Nick Walker Snr rolling back the years with an impeccable 78 before falling late on to Lumsden (1 for 13). Montgomerie (29*) looked in control to help steer Shoreham to a 6 wicket victory with 8 overs to spare.

- Photos by Sam