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Sat 23 June - 2nd XI v Outwood II

Posted on 28th June in 2007, 2nds Match Reports

Outwood 260
Shoreham 117

This was Shoreham’s first visit to Outwood’s ground: like our own, very atractive and well hidden. Outwood were last year’s division winners, though for some reason not promoted. Batting first, they began to set about our bowling as if they thought it was our fault. Outwood recently scored 315 without loss in a league game and things were looking ominus. Only the weather seemed likely to come to our aid as the thunder and lightning rumbled and flashed overhead.

Montie, a man of 20/20 vision, captain for the day and obviously well insured, gamely kept Shoreham in the field as the static crackled in the air and the match became more and more impressionistic for the spectacle wearers amongst us. To his credit, Montie’s four wickets along with some sharp fielding – including two well taken slip catches by Pat and a lot of enthusiatic aquaplaning by Ollie Pearce (who had come along to operate the satnav for his Dad) – slowed the scoring rate and in the end we were pleased to dismiss Outwood for 260 and pick up the bowling points.

Rain finally interrupted Outwood’s innings when Montie agreed that we could go in until the bails stopped floating off.

When it was Shoreham’s turn to bat John Beard and Dave Fletcher said that they had to leave early and so were sent in to open. In the event they both left with plenty of time to spare. At 26 - 4 and with a wet outfield making scoring difficult it became clear that we should limit our ambition to trying to collect a batting point or two. Wyn accumulated a patient 21 and Ollie Pearce rattled up an aggressive 27.

Say what you will about his hydrophilia and his insensitivity to the optically challenged, there is no doubting that Montie was our man of the match: following his bowling performance with the inning’s top score of 31. Montie was last out, falling just three short of the 120 necessary for our first batting point.

- Wyn

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  1. Duracell bunny says:
    June 28th, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    The most interesting match report yet!!!!