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Sat 14 July - 2nd XI v Bidborough II

Posted on 15th July in 2007, 2nds Match Reports

Shoreham’s journey to Bidborough was uneventful.

For this fixture against top-of-the-league opposition we fielded an impressive looking XI bolstered by the presence of Paul Styles, Rob Marsden and Danny Thomas (our overseas player from Cudham). Of the three probably only Danny was in the peak of condition: Paul was nursing recently cracked ribs after high diving from the top of his hedge with a chainsaw (it could have worked out worse) and Rob, the recent father, had dark rings around his eyes.

We found ourselves fielding under a July sun with a hard pitch, a fast outfield and short boundaries but after 3 overs there wasn’t a run on the board and things seemed to be going rather well. From there Bidborough accelerated to finish with a run rate that was just above seven an over. As last week against the gentlemen of Limpsfield Chart, a batting contribution from one of the opposition’s openers proved decisive. Moore’s 116 was not completely chanceless but he rode his luck and found the short boundaries with regularity.

Danny Thomas bowled economically, conceding only 35 runs off his nine overs, but he was the only brake on Bidborough’s scoring in the early part of their innings. The introduction of Rivett G brought our first wicket. With only his second ball George accounted for Bidborough’s number two. (I’m sure I detected the beginning of a West Country burr in the lad’s speech this week). Montie eventually bowled Moore and then in a late flurry of wickets Paul Styles picked up 3 for 3 in only two overs plus a run out from deflecting a drive off his own bowling onto the non-striker’s stumps. An honourable mention too for Jack Rivett who refused to be intimidated during his nine over spell. James Asplin was withdrawn after a couple of his less successful overs and Messrs Peck and Melville-Jones were rested completely from the bowling attack after recent maulings.

Chris’s enthusiastic captaincy was more voluble than ever this week. Hope flickered briefly when someone advanced on him from the pavilion with a roll of adhesive tape but it was only to effect repairs to his boot. Brownie really must learn to look after his equipment. And why did one of Bidborough’s umpires always make sure to stand about 40 yards upwind of our wicketkeeper?

Shoreham’s reply began brightly enough but in the seventh over Wyn insouciantly (that’s your homework for this week James) flicked a full toss on the leg side towards the pavilion boundary whereupon a Bidsborough fielder who had been unsportingly camouflaged against the background of spectators stepped forward to catch it. Paul Styles batted on steadily for his 20; Graham struck two convincing fours before becoming one of two Shoreham batsman who tried to attract the attention of Bidborough’s female substitute fielder by lobbing the ball to her; Rob managed 17 before falling asleep; Sam Trick scored 13 before an enthusiastic appeal convinced a shortsighted umpire that he had been caught behind (sorry Sam); Danny Thomas scored 11 looking comfortable and then fell to a splendid catch; Jack looked good briefly; Brownie would have gone on to score more had his horizontal, airborne bat been on the ground as he dived for his crease after an ambitious third run; James Duck was out for an asplin. Montie and George Rivett denied Bidborough their third bowling point. Montie, undefeated on 23, was once again our top scorer - this time in a total of 144 for 9 chasing Bidborough’s impressive 287 for 6.

Bidborough’s performance makes the case for a club being allowed two teams in the same division: they have won all their games easily this season and are only playing at this level as they cannot be promoted into the same division as their first team under current rules. Their players were kind enough to say that we were stronger than our league position would suggest (well you have to be strong to hold up the rest).

We had to be content with one bowling point and one batting point this week but that elusive first victory cannot be long delayed now.

- Wyn

- Photos by Sam

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