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Sun 15 July - Erith

Posted on 16th July in 2007, Friendly Match Reports

A depleted Shoreham team was bolstered by two rather unique ringers from Chelsfield Park on Sunday: Myles and Ian Walker gamely padded up for Shoreham and both made valuable contributions. (Ian Walker used to teach history at Sevenoaks School to Nick Walker and John Dinnis back in the dark ages before Big Brother began). At 11am on Sunday, Shoreham were down to 9 men -hope the sore throat is better, Jack- and so Ray Trick made yet another bid for MPP (most prolific player). Shoreham won their 4th toss in a row (if only they could win matches like they win tosses) and conventionally inserted the opposition. Erith no longer have a league team, but this did not seem to affect their batting. Shoreham opened with Hofmann and Simms, but Bradley pulled a muscle in over #1 and had to be replaced by JD. Fifty runs were quickly on the board and we were set for a long sweaty afternoon.

Pick of the Shoreham bowlers, if that is not an affront to Pick, was Myles Walker with 2 –approx. 60 runs. Myles bowls a unique ball from below the umpire’s left shoulder, looping up into the sky, then falling on the unsuspecting batsman’s feet before scurrying like a mouse towards the stumps. Two good catches were held on the boundary by Simon Wells, making a guest appearance from Dorking CC and Hofmann. Erith declared 5 minutes before tea on 261 for 4. JD moved into the hotseat for the season’s most hotly contested competition, the Ray Trick fielding award. Wicket-keeping duties were shared by Setterfield and Haysler, who both did remarkably well.

Shoreham’s openers began slowly before JD holed out to midwicket off the bowling of googly merchant Moore, who toyed with Shoreham batsmen all afternoon. A win was never on the cards – perhaps Erith should have opened the bowling with some pie-chuckers, given their unassailable total – and of the batsmen, Simon Wells made a hearty 39 and Hofmann a more proletarian 26. We ended on about 130 and retired to the George.

Perhaps surprisingly, Brownie was not the winner of the Unusual Arse-Action of the day award, a prize which was shared by JD and Rob Marsden. Rob was insouciantly chatting to Mrs Hofmann Snr, when his rump was rudely assailed by a stunning one-bounce-into-the-cheeks cover drive for four by JD.

- Alex