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Sat 21st July - 2nd XI v Plaxtol II

Posted on 22nd July in 2007, 2nds Match Reports

After the downpours of Friday and Saturday mornings the going was good to soft at Shoreham Paddock.

Invited to race first, Loadsa Style started from stall 1 with Beamish Boy in stall 2. It was Beamish Boy who set a good early pace. At this point the much fancied and very consistent Plumstead Pensioner, who had been very severely dealt with by the handicappers, was still trying to surmount the hurdles on the A225 and only arrived in the parade ring in time to see Beamish Boy leave a straight one that sent him in for an early towelling down. Ageing Hack, five to two (every week), then took up the challenge. After Loadsa Style came New Father who showed good early promise but still seemed short of stamina. Then came Sue’s Away! who had been given his head and led the field until late inside the final furlong. There was no further change until, with about a third of the distance remaining, Ageing Hack eventually gave way to Samson who looked very sprightly in his summer coat. Rubber Glove threatened briefly from behind and then It’s A Gas took up the running to be replaced by Mum’s Away! who stayed to the finish along with Jack Who? Extended Metaphor finally ran out of steam but not before being flogged to death.

This was our best batting line-up to date and in the event we posted our highest score of the season. 184 meant two batting points and a respectable total for Plaxtol to chase. Ray showed the way with his opening 22, Nick’s 68 was the first fifty plus score for the seconds this season and Wyn collected a measured 29 – all off the back foot.

An interesting feature of Ray’s umpiring during our innings was his encouragement to men older than himself to chance the sort of dashing runs that he remembers making in the 1970s.

After 20 overs of Plaxtol’s reply they were hovering at about the required run rate: the first wicket fell early to a Tom Palmer caught and bowled but thereafter their numbers two and three made steady progress. After Dave Fletcher had bowled his quota ( 9 - 0 - 33 ) and despite varying the attack we began to find it difficult to contain the run rate. Sam Trick’s introduction did not slow Plaxtol’s scoring but wickets began to fall: he finished with figures of 5 – 3 - 38. Meanwhile, at the other end, Paul’s first over also brought a dramatic wicket. Rob fielding at long off demonstrated the speed of Lynford Christie and the hands of a neurosurgeon to take a diving catch on the boundary that brought the whole pavilion to its feet and that no-one will (be allowed to) forget in a hurry.

Plaxtol tied our score in the 31st over but even then Ray Trick took a final wicket to add a bowling point to our two batting points before the winning runs were struck. Ray finished with an excellent 7 – 1 – 18.

As a postscript I should like to point out that I have made generous mention of a young bowler in my previous reports. He should be aware however that there is only room for so many double barrelled names in one team. I would therefore suggest that the artist referred to in last week’s team sheet as ‘George Rivett–Teas’ should drop this pretension and resume his former, single barrelled moniker forthwith.

And finally our congratulations to James Asplin who was promoted to the first team and managed his usual score, on this occasion without being asked to bat.

- Wyn

3 Responses

  1. Duracell bunny says:
    July 22nd, 2007 at 11:44 pm

    Wyn are you slipping as a commoner i understand everyword no homework?

  2. samtrick1985 says:
    July 23rd, 2007 at 8:57 am

    i’m sorry to have to point this out Wyn but Paul already has a 50 under his belt for the 2nd XI this year.

  3. Psycho says:
    July 23rd, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    Another gem, Wyn, keep up the great work!