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Sun 5 August - Buckhurst

Posted on 6th August in 2007, Friendly Match Reports

Shoreham C C. arrived on a sweltering Sunday afternoon at the picturesque Buckhurst ground, to be welcomed by Dan Setterfield taking full precautions in the heat by lavishly rubbing sun cream into his fiancé’s back. The next step was to take a look at the playing surface in the middle. We strolled out to a Lords like strip, an even covering of grass, hard with what look liked an even bounce. There was even what looked like a rabbit burrow on a length, which looked very interesting.

Living just five minutes from the away fixture, the infamous Ray trick and his sidekick Sam tipped up late. The skipper unsure what to do if the toss was won was soon assured by the late coming Ray that a bat first would be the order of the day. Jim duly won the toss and decided to wield the willow. Raymond (van Barneveld) Trick and Dom King opened the batting with a steady start. Both peppering the short boundary early doors. However, some good bowling from the Buckhurst skipper, with a delivery that moved in, seamed away, with some extra bounce just managed to take Kings edge. (Completely unplayable) haha!

Bats three and four didn’t add much to the total, both falling on 1. Sam (heat stroke) Trick managing to pull the Hollywood drive out of his locker the over before fell to the opening bowler, even after Ray specifically telling him several times that “Sharpies stock ball is the one that moves away from the left hander”. Raymond continued dealing in boundaries and turning 2’s and 3’s into singles with some excellent running. However, Ray soon fell to the skipper, on a top score of 29. Jim and Greg forged what looked like would be a steady partnership, Greg playing an excellent straight drive soon relinquished (12). Jim producing some big blows to the leg side and what he said was the best clip off his legs that could be played fell on 13. Dave Fletcher took the initiative, occupying the crease at a time when wickets were tumbling fast, also playing some great shots through the off side; he was supported by the lower order, namely Russell Brookes who played some lavish strokes (clouts) to the all parts before being bowled on 10.

Shoreham set a score of 124, which was feared to be thirty or so runs too short. After a ‘well worth the money’ tea Shoreham took to the field, el capitane Jim opening the bowling with Dave Fletcher. With two big hitting batters, Buckhurst got off to a steady start. Jim and Dave soon got settled though and started bowling a tighter line and hitting. Before long Dave got the breakthrough, with a top class catch by Sam at long mid off. Jim soon came off after picking up a slight shoulder strain in his first over, or what he made out to be a dislocated shoulder, with several fractures running down to the elbow. There may also have been some splintered shrapnel lodged somewhere in his right arm from a childhood incident. Jim’s attention then turned to his Trevor Penny coaching session. After demonstrating the textbook dive over the ball. He next illustrated how not to perform the long barrier. In the absence of Sean Bromfield, Dom King politely let Jim know what he thought of his fielding techniques. The word filth comes to mind.

Next, a Trick came on to bowl. The young man managed to get the ball to turn both ways out of the rough, with some added variation with the odd flipper. When he managed to nip the ball through to send the stumps kart wheeling all over the shop we knew this kind of Trick was of the Raymond variety. Ray produced some tight bowling before picking up a second wicket, this time aided by a magnificent stumping by Dom (Kumar Sangakkara) King. George Rivett entered the arena with a very tidy spell of bowling before the attention of the players was drawn towards the ambulance speeding towards the ground. When it was seen the Chris Brown was lying in the sun on a very hot day, it was clear why the paramedics were now running towards the pitch. A warning has been now been added to the Shoreham C.C. Website, advising the elderly to take extra precautions in the heat.

After a tense end, Buckhurst got home with 8 overs to spare. An unlucky day for Shoreham. Hope to improve next time.

If anyone has taken offence from the content of this match report then next time, play better!

- Dom

- Photos by Sam and Ed

2 Responses

  1. Ed says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 11:13 pm

    Is this an attempt at a pirouette from the Most Photographed Player In Shoreham?

  2. chrisbrownslovechild says:
    August 8th, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    was that the flipper?