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Fri 17 August - Old Oaks

Posted on 18th August in 2007, Friendly Match Reports

Shoreham Over 40s v Old Oaks

It was a happy coincidence that this match offered a fitting opportunity to commemorate the passing of Peter Walker who had been a member at the Vine as well as serving as Shoreham’s president. A minute’s silence was affectionately observed before the game and the Old Oaks captain proposed that this should become a regular fixture in memory of Peter, which is something we all hope he would have appreciated. Next year however we should suggest that it be an over 50s game for which we could field a pretty well unchanged side.

Shoreham won the toss and the opinion in the dressing room was that it was better to field whilst the light was better.

In a 15 over game economy was obviously the key and Montie’s 3 overs for 10 runs including an acrobatic run out off his own bowling was an excellent start. Dave Fletcher’s 2 overs for 13 also contributed to putting Old Oaks under pressure. There was some excellent fielding from Ray (yes that Ray) and Chris in the single saving positions to back up the bowlers.

Ray’s first two overs were inexpensive and included a wicket but a determined assault by Steve Billings spoilt his figures at the end. ‘Tinker’ Taylor tied down the other end with 3 overs for only 12 runs, also including a wicket.

Nick Walker was called on for an over and tempted Billings into a towering straight drive. Jerry Stanyard was posted on the boundary and displayed the strengths that have made him such an influential figure in the consulting world. At a high level he got everything right: moving swiftly to take up the correct position. At the detailed level, which he can usually leave to subordinates, there was a slight systems’ failure as the ball bounced on his chest before escaping over the boundary. Obviously there was a below average amount of light for this time of year and in these circumstances trajectory analysis is subject to a high degree of variance even using the most sophisticated modelling techniques.

John Dinnis kept up the pressure with two lively overs for just 10 runs and Chris Brown contributed a single over that only cost 11. So Old Oaks finished on 93 – 5 : Steve Billings was their top scorer, having to retire after scoring 27 and no other Oaks batsman contributed more than 14.

There was a strong Shoreham supporters contingent at the game that made its way around the boundary carrying beer although, thoughtlessly, omitting to bring fags and a games machine.

When Shoreham’s reply began the score was on two when Paul and Wyn found themselves occupying the same crease after what Wyn regarded as a quick single: a concept that he had inadequately conveyed to his partner. Martin was bowled without scoring before John arrived and the score moved on to 34 when Wyn fell for 19 in the seventh over.

The key part of our innings then followed as John and Tinker scored 34 off the next four overs, bringing the Oaks’s total within reach. John had to retire on 27 and Tinker on 26. Nick Walker contributed 6 before being smartly stumped, which brought Montie to the crease. Jerry was already occupying the other end and after Montie played out the 14th over he finished the game with a stylish off drive for 4 that the Stanyard family arrived just in time to miss, though doubtless they have now been given a full picture.

A lovely occasion and a great game. This age group is ours for the taking!

- Wyn

- Photos by Ed and Sam

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  1. Psycho says:
    August 28th, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    Wyn making urgent notes for yet another masterly match report - keep ‘em coming Wyn!