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Sat 18 August - 2nd XI v Leigh II

Posted on 19th August in 2007, 2nds Match Reports

No-one should fail to (try and) join a Shoreham convoy. The afternoon starts here: missed turnings, misdirections, frantic car to car mobile conversations. Put it this way: if the invasion of Iraq had been left to us it would have saved everyone an awful lot of trouble. “We’re in Syria, where are you?” “Still on the A21.” “Anyone seen Dave?”

This week there was the semblance of an excuse as we scrambled to relocate to Leigh (pronounced Lye to confuse the Republican Guard) when it became clear that they were at their ground waiting for us whilst we were waiting for them at the Paddock. There will have to be a court martial although sources close to James Asplin have revealed that the discrepancy in fixture lists had been spotted as long ago as May by the daughter of Leigh’s captain and the Duracell Bunny who were playing I’ll show you my fixture list if you’ll show me yours (well it’s a start James) and it is not yet clear that we were mistaken nor why action was not taken earlier.

Consider the pathos of Chris’s abandoned sandwiches slowly curling at the edges in the empty pavilion. It’s like life really.

The first 9 Shoreham players to Leigh elected to field and Montie and Dave Fletcher opened the bowling. Leigh’s openers proceeded unspectacularly at a steady 5.5 an over. The only real excitement was when the heavy armour on Dave’s Nissan was nearly punctured by a high velocity six off Montie. At the beginning of the next over Dave was heard enquiring where Montie had parked.

Teacups in Tonbridge rattled at around 4 p.m. when Patrick’s attempted triple toe salcoe ended ignominiously, by which time the score was 97 for no wicket after 16 overs.

The first bowling change came now as the match was restricted to 35 overs a side. The introduction of this week’s guest star Martin Bowden made a real difference as his pace and swing proved too much for a succession of batsmen. Martin finished with a splendid 5 for 35 off 8.

Meanwhile Brad was operating at the other end and bowled 8 overs for only 59 runs, taking one important wicket in the process. Some lusty swinging by the Leigh batsmen unfortunately took the gloss off his figures in his eighth over.

With only three overs to go Leigh were 6 down. Chris took a catch off Wyn’s bowling in the 33rd over and then took two wickets himself in the 34th with his confusing, slow, straight ball. Wyn then took a caught and bowled off the last ball of the 35th over and we secured three bowling points that had seemed improbable half way through the innings.

A light drizzle had set in after tea and the light was failing. Wyn totally lost the trajectory of the first ball directed at him and headed it away from below knee height. Leigh sportingly did not appeal for lbw which the umpire would have been compelled to give. Dave meanwhile used his head more conventionally at the other end, collecting runs with judiciously placed shots. (Montie had moved his car well down the road during the tea interval).

Wyn and Dave had been replaced by William Westacott and Martin and the score had advanced to 35 for 2 after 8 overs before the worsening weather brought an end to play with the game interestingly poised.

Finally, welcome and well played to Josh Westacott who made his Shoreham debut and fielded very competently, stinging his father’s hands with a series of flat, hard returns. Well done too to Will who recalled his keeping skills and executed an important stumping. Thanks to Rob Simms who stepped forward when needed and patrolled the boundary to good effect and also to Matt Robinson who threw himself around on the opposite side of the field almost always coming up with the ball (Pat please note).

- Wyn