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Sat 25 August - 2nd XI v Otford II

Posted on 26th August in 2007, 2nds Match Reports


Waste paper basket full, ash tray overflowing, scotch gone, sun slowly rising. Must find the positives in this performance soon.

There were several positives to take from this local derby:

• The weather was better than it has been recently.
• Nevertheless those who forgot to put on sun screen did not suffer prolonged exposure to UV radiation.
• Graham’s sandwiches were well up to Shoreham’s high standard.

Otford won the toss and elected to bowl. That meant we were likely to be in trouble because a second team batting line up without at least two of Paul Styles, Martin Wells, Nick Pearce, Nick Walker, Montie or a guest star has always looked a bit thin this season and on Saturday none of these were available to us.

- resist cheap joke about Chris being the more experienced tosser and find somewhere to add ‘Chris will feel that his captaincy is an important factor in the team’s performance when he sees this result’ in the final version -

Otford’s opening bowlers were at some times quick and accurate but at others perversely wayward. The number of wides and no-balls meant that 9 and 10 ball overs were not uncommon and extras began to overtake the batsmen.

- add ‘Pat’s umpiring was firm and fearless’ to list of positives

The ball tended to stop a little on a damp pitch, making timing tricky, and Otford’s young fielders proved very agile. Shoreham’s first three batsmen fell to some splendid catching for 6, 13 and 11 respectively. After 17 overs the score stood at 52 for 3. After 24 overs we were all out for 58 of which extras contributed 25.

- add ‘James improved his batting average with an undefeated one’ to positives

There followed an excellent, early tea in beautiful sunshine. There was a splendid variety of sandwiches with more than one kind of bread and several different fillings. My particular favourite was the succulent ham and tomato though the tangy cheese and pickle came a close second. The thoughtful provision of fruit is always refreshing to the palate and in supplying one of the necessary ‘five a day’ is beneficial to the players’ general wellbeing. John’s mastery of the tea urn was extremely impressive and the general standard of service provided by Graham was deserving of at least three rosettes.

- can’t avoid getting back to the match sooner or later

After that we set out to defend our total. In another context, the fact that a bowling attack of Asplin, Fletcher, Peck and Rivett (G) restricted the opposition to a scoring rate of just above four an over and took two wickets before the opposition reached 60 would be a very good performance

- actually that is pretty good. Rewrite report finding a way to focus on this aspect of the game.

- Wyn