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Sat 1 September - Match Of The Day!

Posted on 2nd September in 2007, Announcements

It was a perfect day for cricket but Groombridge’s ground was unnaturally quiet. The pavilion was boarded shut, the square deserted. In the outfield a little tumbleweed blew gently by, unnoticed.

But come with me now to the village of Shoreham. There, all is brightness and bustle as one of the strongest Shoreham squads of the season responds to the joyous summons of the bells and hurries to the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.

This is one of the more amazing fixtures of the season. There are only two names on the team sheets and only one umpire, who looks a little over-dressed. We’re skipping straight to the start of the second innings and although it’s definitely pushing the boundaries Montie has to start by bowling a maiden over. Only five minutes into proceedings Montie is asked for a declaration and – completely unprompted – gets both words right and in the right order. The elegantly attired opposition is then asked for a declaration too and it’s all over – although there is some post-match analysis from the umpire and a bit of singing from the terraces. Loads of photographs are taken. The crowd disperses and instead of chips at the George (which apparently was a possibility, being so close to the Church and all) reassembles for a cracking barbeque at the never-so-manicured Dairy House.

Astonishingly well done Montie and a very warm welcome to Helen in her new post.

(Always good to have a new name on the tea rota).

To round off a perfect evening mobile phones are ringing in the dusk carrying news of a first team victory. We are told that James and Andy managed a stand of nearly two hours.

Anyway, good luck on your honeymoon Montie.

- Wyn