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Sat 1 September - 1st XI v Speldhurst

Posted on 3rd September in 1sts Match Reports, 2007

Play reggae music to James Asplin immediately before every game, but don’t let him bring cocktail sausages or ketchup into your car… Jack, James and I rolled into Speldhurst to be greeted by the news that we were unfortunately down to 10 men, and that we’d also lost the toss (shock!) and been put into bat. Reclining in the shade watching our openers get us off to a firm start was a very enjoyable way to begin the game though – especially as it allowed time for the more hung-over of the team to recover (myself in particular). Maybe we should do this more often?

Will Gulliver was our no.3 batsman, and I gave him a few throw downs after he’d got his pads on in case we had an early wicket… THIRTY-SIX OVERS LATER he finally went into bat. Andy Montieth and James Trick were our heroic opening duo, who shared an incredible partnership of TWO-HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR runs before Andy finally decided to let the rest of us have a go with just four overs remaining! Andy hit 7 sixes and 12 fours to reach a superb 128. And James Trick hit 3 sixes and 11 fours to get to his well-earned 86.

James perished soon after Andy however, leaving Will Gulliver, Mark McDonald, Ed Walker, Sam Trick and Jack Rivett enough time to all have go. Only Sam made any significant contribution to the scoreboard however, with a tremendous six which bounced off the pavilion roof despite ‘only being an edge’. Raw Power. Speldhurst’s youngest player, S Begg, was handed the ball near the end, and picked up 4 wickets for 4 runs from his 2 overs! Including the wicket of a certain Mark McDonald - his first Golden Duck for the Club in fact! (Sorry mate I had to mention it.) We closed on 257 for 5. Our highest total this season. Thanks entirely to Andy and James.

Renton (117) and Danby (42) surprised Shoreham by getting off to an even faster start than we did – pushing Speldhurst’s reply up to 100 before any of our fielders had finished digesting their scones. We’re just not used to fielding after tea. James Trick (9-32-2) was once again our most economical bowler, and Ed Walker (9-67-2) was once again our most expensive. Enough said. Ray Trick (7-52-2) chipped away at the Speldhurst line-up. And Jack Rivett and Sam Trick both had brief forays with the ball also.

Regrettably we did drop quite a few catches in the field (or chicken out completely as in one notable case). But we were all trying our best to make up for the missing fielder. Mark even threw off his gloves at one point to chase a wide ball down to fine-leg, and got there in time to save the boundary.

James Asplin was brought on to bowl with the Speldhurst openers looking solid. They had no idea what was going to come to them (and I suspect neither did James). His first over had so much variety it was as if he was dipping into a bag of pic’n’mix with his eyes closed and hurling whatever came out at the batsman. But it worked. The no.2 bat skied a classic long hop which James took – caught and bowled. He then clean bowled the no.3 a few balls later. It must have been the reggae.

The Speldhurst no.4 kept the remaining opener company though, bringing their score up to 174 for 2 – only 83 runs behind with enough time still left. The game was well poised. We then managed to take a couple of wickets to really put the pressure back on Speldhurst. Renton, their no.1, was still keeping them in contention but was running out of partners. It was James Asplin who finally toppled him, and Speldhurst reached 232 before we took their final wicket. Another highly enjoyable game with plenty to talk about in the pub afterwards. I look forward to playing these guys next season

- Ed

- Photos by Jack (the other 40 were all blurred and didn’t pass the rigorous selection standards of this website (yes they were that bad), which is a shame because from the 10 sixes and 23 fours Andy and James hit between them we only managed to get two half-reasonable shots of their defensive strokes!)

2 Responses

  1. Jonty Rhodes says:
    September 3rd, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    a good team display with so many people away, with everyone playing a part in some way

  2. Hatchethands says:
    September 4th, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    Congratulations guys - I wish I had been there to see this. Actually sitting twiddling thumbs for 36 overs whilst others made hay - nope I am glad I was away. A great partnership though.