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Cricket Nets 2008

Posted on 6th January in 2008, Announcements

Eaten one too many mince pies over Christmas?
Up to much this Wednesday?
The Shoreham Cricketing Academy is about to start their intensive winter training program. The course covers all the important areas of the game of cricket (ie. batting and bowling).
Cricket nets start Wednesday 9th January from 8pm at the indoor school. All are welcome.

Look! A net without big rabbit-chewed holes in.

One Response

  1. Hatchethands says:
    January 7th, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Under the new rules as suggested by Australia and India we should also look at a seperate workshop on: “not walking when nicked to anyone behind the stumps from 3rd slip inwards, claiming catches on that have already hit the ground, ignoring stumpings when umpiring, racist abuse of opponents, threatening to pull out of the league if we lose” we can call it The Spirit of the Game workshop.
    I would be happy to run this , but as an expat resident of SA I feel I am only qualified to lecture on the areas of expertise shown by my countrymen: game fixing and choking. Welcome to the season.