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Sat 14 June - 1st XI v Bidborough II

Posted on 16th June in 1sts Match Reports, 2008

Bidborough’s ground is perched on the side of a slope, at the bottom of which is their pavilion. Shoreham won the toss and decided to bowl as usual. Unusually though, James Trick withheld himself from the opening attack; giving the pleasure of the new ball to Ed Walker and John Dinnis instead. The hard wicket added an extra zip to Ed’s bowling (or was it his streamlined new haircut?) and he seized the initiative for Shoreham, picking up 2 wickets for 19 from 9. John kept Bidborough down at the other end, going for only 12 from his 5 overs. James Trick then announced his fashionably late entrance to the game with a barrage of pace and swing bowling. James decimated the home side’s middle/top order, ending with no fewer than 6 wickets from his 9 overs for only 10 runs! Bob Stacey then joined the party with a couple of wickets from 6.5 overs for 17. By the end we were so confident that even James Asplin was given the ball to hurl down at the unsuspecting tail-enders (and wicket-keeper); squeezing in one over for 7 manly runs.

With only 73 runs mustered from 30.5 overs of Shoreham’s finest bowling, Bidborough needed early wickets to have any chance. Nick Walker Jnr and Sree Kokkiligadda had other ideas though, as they proved that the track was just as good for batting as it had been for bowling. Nick (42) and Sree (29) bashed Shoreham to a 10 wicket victory after only 10.3 overs. Job done.

Our victorious team suddenly had a lot more drinking time available to them so, after a couple in Bidborough, it was a race back to our home turf to grab the remaining Fosters from the fridge, and see how the valiant 2nds were getting on against St Lawrence II. The stunts of Chris Brown (to be emulated by Kevin Pietersen the following day) and the Rivett double-act at the end produced raucous appreciation from the stands. Then everyone retired to the pub and topped up on liquids.

P.S. Sree took the RTFA from John this week, although Ed was (in some people’s eyes anyway) pretty close to it too.

- Ed

One Response

  1. Hatchethands says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Great work guys. Good captaincy James by lulling the opposition into a false sense of security using JD and Ed to open.