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Sat 28 June - 1st XI v Kemsing

Posted on 30th June in 1sts Match Reports, 2008

The Shoreham 1st team came into their latest match with 7 wins from 7 games under their elasticated belts.  The sun was shining down as we took to the field after (naturally) winning the toss again.  James Trick decided that he needed to digest his lunch a little longer, and handed the ball to Ed Walker (9-35-2) and John Dinnis (7.5-28-1).  Ed bowled his first three overs for only a couple of runs, as JD fought hard to find his rhythm.  Wood (41) and Shipton (19) were looking solid after 11 overs with the score on 56, until the introduction of James Trick (8-17-2) and Pete Wright (9-16-3) brought about Shoreham’s first wickets of the day, in quick succession.

Kemsing’s number 3, Shaw (31), was the only other batsman to get going; but a sharp run-out by Andy Monteith (with assistance from Ed Walker) left Kemsing struggling on 112 for 5.  James and Pete had ripped through Kemsing’s top order, and their tail didn’t trouble the Shoreham bowlers either - John, to everyone’s (including his own) surprise, even picking up his first wicket in ages at the end!  A good fielding performance all round, with no clear RTFA candidate as far as I can remember (although Nick Walker Snr did technically drop two catches, they were admittedly Very Hard chances, and he helped me with teas).  It would also be rather cruel to award the trophy everyone’s talking about - the “JABA” - to anyone in particular either, as there were no deserved performances this week.  Sree bowled his 5 overs for 25 runs by the way, and JD surprised himself a second time by bowling what he insisted was his first no-ball EVER.  Yeah we believe you John.

With yet another low target to chase, Shoreham’s lower order gorged themselves on the Walker tea, and grappled for the comfiest chairs from which they could spectate for the remainder of the game. After his 165 n/o of the week before, Sree Kokkiligadda’s duck came as a surprise blow for Shoreham at the start of their innings, and almost had me choking on my home-made doughnut at the thought of having to put my pads on. Pete Wright came to the rescue, however, and amassed 64 runs which, along with Nick Walker Jnr’s well-crafted 60, got us past Kemsing’s target with 20 overs and 9 wickets remaining. To the pub!

- Ed

- Photos by James Asplin and Ed