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Sat 12 July - 1st XI v Chevening

Posted on 14th July in 1sts Match Reports, 2008

When Shoreham faced Chevening two months ago, in the first game of the season, we had a very tight contest that went down to the final over.  Second time around, and on the back of nine successive victories, we were feeling confident; although Chevening had won their last three matches as well, and were hoping to keep that momentum going.

Shoreham started bowling with one man missing - Nick Walker Jr being held up after his car was driven into by some moron on his journey to the ground.  Nevertheless, Shoreham’s locally-grown, organic opening double-act of Ed Walker (9-28-3) and John Dinnis (8-26-1) got us off to a strong start, with Ed removing three of Chevening’s top order, and both bowling tightly.

In the presence of the RTFA’s inspirational founder and spiritual leader, our fielders stepped up their game accordingly: Sam Trick snapping up a catch at slip; Sandy Clark keeping hold of one in the covers; and later on James Trick getting two caught-and-bowled.  It was Ray, though, who provided us with the most memorable moment of the game - stretching his left arm out to a ball that had seemingly already passed him at gully, and grabbing it like it was the last doughnut left in the shop.

Bob Stacey (9-14-1) was Shoreham’s most economical bowler - going for only 14 runs from his nine overs.  James Trick (9-42-4) tried hard to get anything out of a dull wicket, and, unusually, ended up as our most expensive bowler.  But he more than made up for this by ripping up Chevening’s middle order, taking 4 wickets.  Ray Trick (5-29-0) strut his stuff but couldn’t pick up a wicket this week.  Burkitt (63) and S Smithers (44) were the only batsmen to get going for Chevening; bringing their end of innings total up to 140 for 9.  Only 5 of these were extras, and, as a certain Australian would like me to point out, none of them byes.

Confident of their top order, Shoreham’s lesser batsmen duly over-indulged themselves at tea.  Nick Walker Jr looked in good touch, as did Andy Monteith, but a leading edge by Andy flew upwards, only to be dropped with him stranded half way down the wicket, then subsequently run out trying to scramble back.  Nick carried on playing his shots until he was caught at square-leg for 27.

Alex Hofmann, freshly promoted from the 2nds, took his time getting off the mark, but didn’t seem daunted by the ferocity of Division 3 - reaching 12 before being bowled by Blake (9-21-1).  Sam Trick strode in at no.4 for Shoreham, and hung around just long enough to hit a big four before misjudging one from Baldwin (9-31-2).  Shoreham were 62 for 4 after their slightly shaky start.

With Chevening looking to rattle off our middle order, James Trick and Mark McDonald, heroes of the previous week, were left to find the runs for Shoreham.  Mark was not holding anything back, and was on 48 when James eventually brought the scores level with a hefty six.  One ball of the 29th over was all Mark required to whack his 11th four to get his fifty, winning the game for Shoreham with 10.5 overs to spare.  You still owes us a jug boy!

- Ed

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  1. Ageing Hack says:
    July 17th, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    Good to see these young, cub reporters coming on!! Ed - I could almost have written this myself.