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Sat 19 July - 1st XI v Sissinghurst II

Posted on 24th July in 1sts Match Reports, 2008

Sissinghurst is probably the farthest ground away from Shoreham in Division 3, but, once off the A21, the journey is not an unpleasant one.  Miraculously, everyone turned up on time and jumped into their whites, before embarking upon their much-copied-but-never-bettered warm-up (involving throwing the ball to each other in a big circle with Mark in the middle).
Sissinghurst chose to bat on what looked like a firm batting track.  Ed Walker opened the bowling from his usual end (i.e. the uphill one) and, as he does whenever he runs in to bowl his first ball, was wondering where it might end up.  In the trees behind him wasn’t one he expected though, as the Sissinghurst batsman cashed in on a slightly wider-than-desired delivery to hit the first of three 4s from Ed’s opening over.  At this point I’d like to note that Andy Monteith is entirely to blame for the third boundary.
With Sissinghurst’s intentions made clear from the start, James Trick fired himself up at the other end (the easy downhill one) and bowled a tight first over.  Ed responded well in his second over and picked up Shoreham’s first wicket – with a straight-forward caught-behind by Mark.  Soon after, James Trick got the wicket of Sissinhurst’s other opener with a piece of brilliant fielding from Nick Walker Jr; the ball was hit high and long, and Nick had to run at full speed with the ball coming from over his shoulder, dive, hold on to the ball, and not slide over the boundary – the best catch most of us had ever seen!
After this inspired catch, Shoreham had the momentum in their favour.  Ed got a couple more wickets, with catches from Nick Walker Jr (again) and John Dinnis, ending with figures of 9-46-3.  He will gracefully accept this week’s JABA because he did go for the most runs, but in return he will award the RTFA to his father for dropping a sitter off his bowling.  John Dinnis picked up one wicket for 33 off his 7 thanks to a catch from Big Phil.  Bob and Sree both chipped in with three very tidy overs each.  But it was, once again, James Trick who excelled with the ball, destroying Sissinghurst’s middle order. James got 5 wickets for only 25 runs from his 8.2 overs, with solid catches from Phil and Andy. The prospect of James’s jug as well as Mark’s (from the week before) at the pub afterwards made fielding in the heat of day all the more bearable.

Sissinghurst were restricted to 114 from 30.2 overs, despite looking dangerous at the start, thanks to tight bowling and some flashes of brilliance in the field.

Nick Walker Jr and Sree Kokkiligadda opened the batting for Shoreham, and both picked up early boundaries, piling pressure on Sissinghurst’s bowlers. Sree was caught on 23, but Nick was looking solid at the other end. Any Monteith joined him, and reached 19 before being bowled by a great first ball from a new bowler. Phil Edge then stomped out to the crease. His intentions were made immediately clear after hitting his first ball for a humongous six straight back over the bowler’s head. Phil then hit a 4 to bring the scores level. Nick then had the opportunity to smash a six to win the game for Shoreham in 16.1 overs, and get a fifty for himself - and our third jug for the pub!

After a quick pint in Sissinghurst, the victors raced back to Shoreham to join the 2nd team in the revelry.

- Ed