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Fri 15 August - The Peter Walker Cup

Posted on 18th August in 2008, Friendly Match Reports

Shoreham Evergreens v Old Oaks

The Shoreham dressing room was fragrant with the ointments and embrocations that help the Evergreens to change clothes, let alone take the field. Discarded syringes and unidentifiable pieces of medical support equipment littered the floor.

This was the evening when we competed for the Peter Walker cup, with Nick Walker captaining the side. Could we emulate our famous victory in last year’s inaugural fixture?

The captains conferred and the fact that they were not entirely ad idem about what had been agreed became obvious when 22 players took the field. After some further high level discussion Old Oaks undertook to bat.

It was an 18-Eighteen match with bowlers restricted to a maximum of 4 overs and batsmen to a maximum of 25 runs.

Shoreham used five bowlers: Montgomerie, Stacey, Smith, Jones and Dinnis. It turned out to be an evening for the slower bowlers: Robert the Developer and Ageing Hack took 3 wickets and conceded 35 runs from their 8 overs, whilst the quicks (well everything is relative) took 2 wickets for 61 in their 10 overs.

What a wealth of incident these bare figures conceal. The Old Oaks number one limped from the field after only two overs, not as a result of any hostile action from the Shoreham bowlers but just because of one of those things that is bound to happen in a game where the average age is around 50. (The real) Nick Walker stationed himself at a shortish extra cover and after two chances had come his way was heard to encourage the bowlers with ‘Third time lucky then chaps’. When Nick did actually hang on to the ball, scooping it from turf with his fingertips, it proved controversial. The umpires had to confer before the unfortunate batsman, Compton (no relation), was relegated to the pavilion, having scored 7 and looking likely to score more. He is a splendid chap and deserved better, as I told him when he later stood me a pint of Speckled Hen.

The memory of Jerry Stanyard took flesh and pursued the ball with possibly too much enthusiasm, as he gathered it in the deep and attempted to return it in one elegant flowing motion. ‘Aaaargh!’ came the cry as he clutched his back and hobbled back to his station.

Old Oaks had scored exactly 100 at the end of their 18 overs with major contributions coming from Thompson (retired at 25), Hollamby (bowled on 22), and Tunnell and Gill who were respectively 15 and 14 not out.

So our reply began. Martin sportingly edged one to the keeper before he could run anyone out, and we were 0 – 1 at the end of the first over. JD and Jerry Stanyard then moved the score on to 39 at the end of 5 overs before John had to retire, having scored 27 from 20 balls. At the end of six overs the score was 50 but then faltered for a couple of overs as first Nick Pearce went for 3 and then Jerry for 15. Paul Styles (high on Sanatogen and Lucozade) replaced Nick and on one occasion was seen to offer Jerry a third run, which he declined.

Nick Walker came and went for a useful 10, and then Chris Brown hit 15 off 14 balls, including at least three truly memorable boundaries, whilst at the other end Paul continued to accumulate runs with some subtly placed shots.

When Chris departed we only required 7 from 4 overs, but then the Evergreen run machine seemed to stall. Only one run came from the next 11 balls. Russell Smith departed without scoring to be replaced by Robert the Developer, making almost his first appearance with the bat this season. Now 7 were required from 8 deliveries. Robert contributed a valuable single whilst Paul calmly steered us to victory, concluding with an elegant off-drive for 4 with three balls to spare.

We retained the Peter Walker cup, which could have been filled many times over with the refreshments consumed at the Vine bar. Conversation continued into the night. Well, at our age there is so much to reminisce about.

- Wyn

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  1. Pat says:
    August 18th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Great pose in the team photo Wyn. “The Scribe At Work.”