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2008 - A new season!

Posted on 6th April, 2008

Dear Members,
The new season is fast approaching with our first game scheduled for Bidborough away on Saturday 19 April. League matches commence on 10 May. This year we do not have a match manager and so expect to receive communications directly from team captains: James Trick and Chris Brown on Saturday and Sean […]

Work Party

Posted on 24th February, 2008

Cricket Nets 2008

Posted on 6th January, 2008

Eaten one too many mince pies over Christmas?
Up to much this Wednesday?
The Shoreham Cricketing Academy is about to start their intensive winter training program. The course covers all the important areas of the game of cricket (ie. batting and bowling).
Cricket nets start Wednesday 9th January from 8pm at the indoor school. All are welcome.

Look! A […]

Friday 14 September - England v South Africa

Posted on 17th September, 2007

The author gratefully acknowledges the superior talents of he who is named “Wyn” and apologises in advance for the blatant abuse of copyright.
Waste paper basket full, ash tray overflowing, scotch gone, sun slowly rising. Must find the positives in this performance soon.
There were several positives to take from this RWC game:
• The weather in […]

Sat 1 September - Match Of The Day!

Posted on 2nd September, 2007

It was a perfect day for cricket but Groombridge’s ground was unnaturally quiet. The pavilion was boarded shut, the square deserted. In the outfield a little tumbleweed blew gently by, unnoticed.
But come with me now to the village of Shoreham. There, all is brightness and bustle as one of the strongest Shoreham squads of the […]


Posted on 9th July, 2007

Cricket Tour 4-6 July Minibus!

Posted on 21st May, 2007

This season’s tour of the Isle of Wight is fast approaching and we thought we’d try a slightly different method of transport than usual, i.e. a Minibus. The price for the Minibus will be around £35 per person (final prices yet to be confirmed) including £14 for the ferry (return). The Minibus has 15 seats […]

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