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Sun 27 July - Horton Kirby

Posted on 31st July in 2008, Friendly Match Reports

Sunday team win in Soaring Shoreham Heat

After the confidence building draw against local rivals Otford, Shoreham were back on home turf and with the sun beating down most were looking forward to batting first and having a relaxing snooze in the afternoon sun (RAY)

The skipper had other ideas and looking at the strength of the bowling attack decided the team needed to top up on their tans !!

The opening bowlers soon got in there groove with J Bromfield returning from the Magaluf sun, looking whiter than when he left and no pedalo incidents to report, bowled a tight spell of 5 over for 21 runs !! his opener partner the Russell Smith also bowled tightly and got the initial breakthrough with the score at 33-1 with a clean bowled out-swinging Yorker !!! A JAFFA of a ball!!!

With the heat taking its toll and the need to keep his bowlers fresh after 10 overs the skipper changed the bowlers with another class act of E Walker and Steve (Kumars mate), they also bowled tightly for little reward as the experienced Horton Kirby line-up soaked up the pressure. At the 20 over mark the score was only 70 as the Shoreham opening pairs had done a great job under the extreme heat.

With the need to open the game up the skipper turned to the spin wizardry of Rupert Harris and George Rivett !! both bowled with great guile and discipline and George managed to make the magic break through with the score on 126 with a regulation catch for A.Haysler who did a great job behind the stumps !!

With the spinners looking tired, the captain turned back to the pace duo of Steve and Smith !! they did not disappoint the impressive Steve got the tough opener A. Scott for 59 and in the process broke the NEW BAILS !! SORRY MARTIN !!
Russell Smith wrapped up the impressive bowling display with a great catch in the deep by J. Bromfield

The final total for Horton Kirby was 188-4, on another day this could have easily been 250 !! great display and bowling from the boys !!

After an extensive Haysler Tea

Shoreham got off to the worst possible start losing the experienced Ray Trick for a Duck, and the captain struggling to score.

It took Steve to take the innings straight into top gear by hitting 3 fours and a six off his first 4 Shoreham balls, which must surely be a record !! the quickfire batting didn’t last long and he was cleaned bowled in the 5th over of the match, Shoreham already looking shaky at 21-2.

Bringing the impressive Rupert Harris to the wicket, and his clever nurdles to 3rd man quickly frustrated the bowlers but excited the ever growing Shoreham crowd basking in the evening sun !!

Unfortunately for Rupert he was bowled by a seaming ball for 32 !! The Captain only contributing 9 to the partnership as he was finding it hard to get the ball off the square.

With the score at 65-3, and a draw looking the most likely result given the sudden batting collapses that have been a constant feature of the Sunday team this season, but fortunately it was not to be.

Ed Walker finally got past 10 for the Sunday team and didn’t look back scoring a season best 61 Not out including 11 4’s and the skipper also found his form putting the Horton Kirby bowlers to the sword and hit a impressive 66 Not Out.

It must be acknowledged that Bromfield and Walker rode their luck but ultimately made Horton Kirby pay for their mistakes with a great 134 Run partnership !!

So a well deserved first victory for the Sunday team !!

Great batting and bowling from the Guys !!!

Man of the Match:

THE TEAM !! great effort in the heat

As always if you fancy a game please email me

- Sean

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Sat 26 July - 2nd XI v Leigh II

Posted on 29th July in 2008, 2nds Match Reports

The Shoreham Legion is a strange assortment of men. Perhaps they join for adventure, perhaps to escape their pasts, perhaps to forget. They aren’t asked.

Their leader is Captain Brown, a compact, wiry man with piercing blue eyes. Tough but fair. A believer in cross country training, which is a church of one in the Legion.

Saturday’s assignment was one of the toughest. It was hell out there. The sun beat down unmercifully on Leigh’s unshaded pitch. No human could survive indefinitely in those conditions.

Using all his tactical acumen Captain Brown found cover for his men in the pavilion. But scouts had to be sent out and, opting for experience, Captain Brown chose his grizzled veterans: Corporal (Nobby) Styles and the company mechanic, known just as Raymondo. Donning a white coat, the captain himself set out to ensure fair play. He watched as the corporal was quickly picked off and replaced by one of the newest recruits of whom little was known, even the proper spelling of his name. Dhru (?) Contract-Killer was rumoured to have been an assassin working in the North London area. Whatever the truth, by the time Raymondo finally staggered back to the pavilion, after a courageous 24, C-K already had a good hit rate.

Next the languid, monocled Hauptmann Alex (rumoured to have been relieved of command elsewhere before joining the Legion) joined C-K in the fray and helped to add 123 before he became the third man to fall. By now C-K was advancing down the pitch to the bowlers and the fielders had taken cover in remote areas.

Almost unnoticed, Captain Brown had handed over the white coat after 20 overs standing in the sun.

Replacing Alex, the dashing Sergeant Wells strode out to the fray. C-K had by now amassed 105 runs. “105 run out” opined one of the troops. But it was not to be, as C-K holed out before any serious running could take place. However, next in was another new recruit – the hapless Andrew Gohl – and normal service was resumed before he could face a ball. Trudging back to the pavilion he was passed by the Legion’s most decorated man, Lance Corporal Martin Bowden V&A, who shared in a last wicket stand that took Shoreham’s total to 240 for 5.

Despite earnest pleading from his men (“ It’s too much for one man” etc.) Captain Brown had taken a second turn in the white coat in the sun. That this was not a good idea become clear when he started referring to the lady serving teas as ‘Your Majesty’. He also seemed convinced that the spectator in glasses was Fabio Capello and was determined to impress him. For his own good, the captain was gently steered to a position at deep long on, where he would come to no harm. But from the outfield came a distant cry of ‘On me ‘ed, son’ and the Leigh batsman obliged with a towering blow. Captain Brown, leaping like a salmon, met the ball with his head and flicked it into the goalmouth that only he could see, on the far side of the boundary. Fortunately the ball was not much damaged.

Meanwhile, Shoreham’s attack had been led by company medic, Brad Simms and Lance Corporal Bowden. Both were economical and both claimed a wicket, which increased the pressure that Leigh were already under, facing such a distant target. C-K relieved Brad and proved deadly with more than one weapon: taking 3 for 32 in his 9 overs.

At the other end, the luckless Andrew Gohl, struggled to find his line and length in his first return to action in many years. He was withdrawn after one over, and no doubt felt by the end of the match that he had had his full £8 worth of fun.

Company historian, Ageing Hack, was wheeled out to continue the containment exercise and took 1 for 39 in his 9 overs (though 2 for 33 would have been possible had Captain Brown elected to use his hands rather than his head). Private Beard, survivor of expeditions on many continents, patrolled the boundary to good effect and played his full part in helping to restrict the run rate.

Only Tom Hobbs (any relation?), batting at 7 and finishing on 66 not out, threatened to advance Leigh to anything near Shoreham’s total, but his charge was too late in the day and Leigh finished on 195 for 6.

More battle honours then, and the Leigh medal is, I believe, being struck as you read this.

- Wyn


Sat 19 July - 1st XI v Sissinghurst II

Posted on 24th July in 1sts Match Reports, 2008

Sissinghurst is probably the farthest ground away from Shoreham in Division 3, but, once off the A21, the journey is not an unpleasant one.  Miraculously, everyone turned up on time and jumped into their whites, before embarking upon their much-copied-but-never-bettered warm-up (involving throwing the ball to each other in a big circle with Mark in the middle).
Sissinghurst chose to bat on what looked like a firm batting track.  Ed Walker opened the bowling from his usual end (i.e. the uphill one) and, as he does whenever he runs in to bowl his first ball, was wondering where it might end up.  In the trees behind him wasn’t one he expected though, as the Sissinghurst batsman cashed in on a slightly wider-than-desired delivery to hit the first of three 4s from Ed’s opening over.  At this point I’d like to note that Andy Monteith is entirely to blame for the third boundary.
With Sissinghurst’s intentions made clear from the start, James Trick fired himself up at the other end (the easy downhill one) and bowled a tight first over.  Ed responded well in his second over and picked up Shoreham’s first wicket – with a straight-forward caught-behind by Mark.  Soon after, James Trick got the wicket of Sissinhurst’s other opener with a piece of brilliant fielding from Nick Walker Jr; the ball was hit high and long, and Nick had to run at full speed with the ball coming from over his shoulder, dive, hold on to the ball, and not slide over the boundary – the best catch most of us had ever seen!
After this inspired catch, Shoreham had the momentum in their favour.  Ed got a couple more wickets, with catches from Nick Walker Jr (again) and John Dinnis, ending with figures of 9-46-3.  He will gracefully accept this week’s JABA because he did go for the most runs, but in return he will award the RTFA to his father for dropping a sitter off his bowling.  John Dinnis picked up one wicket for 33 off his 7 thanks to a catch from Big Phil.  Bob and Sree both chipped in with three very tidy overs each.  But it was, once again, James Trick who excelled with the ball, destroying Sissinghurst’s middle order. James got 5 wickets for only 25 runs from his 8.2 overs, with solid catches from Phil and Andy. The prospect of James’s jug as well as Mark’s (from the week before) at the pub afterwards made fielding in the heat of day all the more bearable.

Sissinghurst were restricted to 114 from 30.2 overs, despite looking dangerous at the start, thanks to tight bowling and some flashes of brilliance in the field.

Nick Walker Jr and Sree Kokkiligadda opened the batting for Shoreham, and both picked up early boundaries, piling pressure on Sissinghurst’s bowlers. Sree was caught on 23, but Nick was looking solid at the other end. Any Monteith joined him, and reached 19 before being bowled by a great first ball from a new bowler. Phil Edge then stomped out to the crease. His intentions were made immediately clear after hitting his first ball for a humongous six straight back over the bowler’s head. Phil then hit a 4 to bring the scores level. Nick then had the opportunity to smash a six to win the game for Shoreham in 16.1 overs, and get a fifty for himself - and our third jug for the pub!

After a quick pint in Sissinghurst, the victors raced back to Shoreham to join the 2nd team in the revelry.

- Ed

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Sun 20 July - Otford

Posted on 22nd July in 2008, Friendly Match Reports


As is to be expected with all first class sporting events, there was a packed gallery at Otford on Sunday. The WAGAMs (Wives, Admirers, Gilfriends and Mothers) took up position around the boundary, whilst the official photographer ascended in the camera tower that comes with Russ’s white van. - So this is what it’s like to appear for the Stars On Sunday.

Shoreham fielded first and the captain had to setterfield (geddit?) without Dan, who had cried off the night before the game. The captain himself opened the bowling, and - with the assistance of a lively pitch – largely kept the batsmen on the defensive. Within half a dozen overs, similar deliveries accounted for Otford’s numbers 2 and 3, knocking back their middle stumps in a very satisfactory fashion. Meanwhile, at the other end, Tom Palmer beat the bat on a number of occasions but without reward.

At 29 for 2, Baker and Pyman came together and both rose to the occasion (I’ve been working on that one). Despite accurate bowling from Sean, Tom and Russ Brooks they put together a stand of 70. George Rivett’s wily spin finally accounted for Pyman, who was well caught by Martin having scored 59.

Sean finally turned to lack of pace. Ageing Hack was introduced from the non-camera- tower end and Baker, attempting to cut his first ball, found that it was six inches lower than he thought it should have been and bottom-edged the ball into Martin’s welcoming gloves. The first ball of AH’s second over was chipped gently to Kumar at mid-off, who dropped it like an invitation to a VAT inspection. Nonetheless AH continued to bamboozle a series of batsmen with his deceptive, slow, straight deliveries, and picked up a total of four wickets, one with the assistance of a sharp stumping by Martin.

Otford’s innings concluded on 215 for 7.

The captain then opened Shoreham’s reply and it seemed that he was destined to carry his bat. Indeed he did nothing much else with it until, in the 13th over, his first run was greeted by rapturous applause from a crowd that by now wanted any excuse for some exercise to keep warm.

At the other end, a series of partners came and went. Alex Haysler fell without scoring and then Nick Pearce, who was driving with some elan, perished on an unlucky 13. Francis De Souza manufactured a bizarre run out for himself, but this was the only one in our innings and did not involve Martin!

The afforementioned club chairman now came to the crease and proceeded to make an accomplished looking 29. After he and then Sean (top-scoring with 33) were removed, it fell to the shortened tail to play out the final overs for a draw. George hit 7 and Kumar twice found the boundary with his new bat in his 10. At the end, Ageing Hack was left on 1 not out and Tom Palmer on 6 not out plus whatever bonus points are awarded for maiming the bowler with a vicious return drive.
According to the scoreboard, which in this instance proved more reliable than the book, our innings closed on 133 for 7. Obviously all we needed for a famous victory was more time.

- Wyn

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Sat 19 July - 2nd XI v Limpsfield Chart II

Posted on 22nd July in 2008, 2nds Match Reports

Limpsfield Chart had already got the better of us this season but we were feeling confident as we fielded one of the best 2nd XI sides of this season. Our confidence didn’t falter as Limpsfield Chart won the toss and decided to bat.

Montgomerie and Sims opened the bowling attack and kept the visitors contained bowling a good line but wickets were hard to come by. Brad had one appeal that was so convincing that even a golfer on the 10th hole went up for it but the umpire was unmoved. The breakthrough came from an inspired change of bowling from skipper Chris Brown. Bromfield, fresh from the Sunday team, took the wicket of Maynard (25) with only his second ball with a good catch from Wells. Spirits were still high after 20 overs as Limpsfield Chart had only managed to amass 64 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. Another wicket fell shortly after drinks bringing Soper to the crease who hit a quick 40, punishing anything short or wide. R. Trick (3-0-24-0) and J. Rivett (8-1-52-0) tried in vain to take wickets. Sims (8-1-31-2) continued his hard work in his second spell ably assisted by some excellent fielding including a classy run out by J. Rivett. The pick of the bowlers was Hoffman who consistently bowled well going for only 13 runs off of his 7 overs for the reward of 2 wickets. However, the runs continued to accumulate until the innings ended on 208 for 6 after 40 overs.

The team reflected whilst gorging themselves on a well prepared Rivett tea but we were still not beaten as our batting line up was strong. The innings got off to a slow start with Singh (7-3-12-1) and Playford (4-0-19-0) bowling well. Our openers Styles (3) and Trick (22) both fell to the bowling of Kaylan Reddy. Bromfield was deceived by the spin of O’Rourke and was stumped for 7 and Harris departed for 3. Hoffman put up a strong fight but was run out on 12. James Asplin looked good until skying one back to the bowler and the last 4 batsmen made 10 runs between them. Wells made the only other telling contribution but ran out of partners on 21*. After 32 overs we were 105 all out with the help of our top scorer: extras on 25.

We were outclassed by a superior bowling attack and Limpsfield Chart deserved the win and their position of 2nd in the table. Next week’s fixture away at Leigh should prove to be a closer encounter.

- George

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Sat 12 July - 1st XI v Chevening

Posted on 14th July in 1sts Match Reports, 2008

When Shoreham faced Chevening two months ago, in the first game of the season, we had a very tight contest that went down to the final over.  Second time around, and on the back of nine successive victories, we were feeling confident; although Chevening had won their last three matches as well, and were hoping to keep that momentum going.

Shoreham started bowling with one man missing - Nick Walker Jr being held up after his car was driven into by some moron on his journey to the ground.  Nevertheless, Shoreham’s locally-grown, organic opening double-act of Ed Walker (9-28-3) and John Dinnis (8-26-1) got us off to a strong start, with Ed removing three of Chevening’s top order, and both bowling tightly.

In the presence of the RTFA’s inspirational founder and spiritual leader, our fielders stepped up their game accordingly: Sam Trick snapping up a catch at slip; Sandy Clark keeping hold of one in the covers; and later on James Trick getting two caught-and-bowled.  It was Ray, though, who provided us with the most memorable moment of the game - stretching his left arm out to a ball that had seemingly already passed him at gully, and grabbing it like it was the last doughnut left in the shop.

Bob Stacey (9-14-1) was Shoreham’s most economical bowler - going for only 14 runs from his nine overs.  James Trick (9-42-4) tried hard to get anything out of a dull wicket, and, unusually, ended up as our most expensive bowler.  But he more than made up for this by ripping up Chevening’s middle order, taking 4 wickets.  Ray Trick (5-29-0) strut his stuff but couldn’t pick up a wicket this week.  Burkitt (63) and S Smithers (44) were the only batsmen to get going for Chevening; bringing their end of innings total up to 140 for 9.  Only 5 of these were extras, and, as a certain Australian would like me to point out, none of them byes.

Confident of their top order, Shoreham’s lesser batsmen duly over-indulged themselves at tea.  Nick Walker Jr looked in good touch, as did Andy Monteith, but a leading edge by Andy flew upwards, only to be dropped with him stranded half way down the wicket, then subsequently run out trying to scramble back.  Nick carried on playing his shots until he was caught at square-leg for 27.

Alex Hofmann, freshly promoted from the 2nds, took his time getting off the mark, but didn’t seem daunted by the ferocity of Division 3 - reaching 12 before being bowled by Blake (9-21-1).  Sam Trick strode in at no.4 for Shoreham, and hung around just long enough to hit a big four before misjudging one from Baldwin (9-31-2).  Shoreham were 62 for 4 after their slightly shaky start.

With Chevening looking to rattle off our middle order, James Trick and Mark McDonald, heroes of the previous week, were left to find the runs for Shoreham.  Mark was not holding anything back, and was on 48 when James eventually brought the scores level with a hefty six.  One ball of the 29th over was all Mark required to whack his 11th four to get his fifty, winning the game for Shoreham with 10.5 overs to spare.  You still owes us a jug boy!

- Ed

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A bird’s-eye view of our beautiful ground

Posted on 14th July in 2008, Random


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